Year 3 Scholarships

“I know that there are many young, local girls with strong potential across a breadth of areas who would flourish at this wonderful School. We are delighted that we are able to offer these scholarships to help them to thrive. We facilitate the achievement of academic excellence, in a caring and highly supportive, individualistic environment. This is greatly aided with our small class sizes.” Mrs Norville, Headmistress

Year 3 Scholarships - September 2025

It is a founding principle of the School that the benefits of a Rydes Hill education should not be restricted solely to those who can pay the full cost. Our Scholarship Programme was created to ensure that any bright, motivated, aspirational girl could benefit from a Rydes Hill education. We are therefore delighted to offer a Scholarship Scheme for entry into Year 3 for all-round achieving girls who would benefit from our nurturing yet ambitious education.

Year 3 scholarships are open to applicants born between September 2017 - August 2018

Year 3 Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Rydes Hill Year 3 Scholarship Scheme?

Pupils at Rydes Hill benefit from small class sizes which allows our teaching staff to respond to their individual needs. This ensures that each child is appropriately challenged and no one is left behind, which ultimately results in our strong academic record. In addition, our intentionally small size enables our staff to offer outstanding pastoral support. At Rydes Hill, we celebrate, encourage and respond to a child’s uniqueness. Our size allows us to discover and understand what makes each pupil tick, we then tailor our approach to suit the distinctive needs of each pupil to encourage their very best. The combination of our size, individualised approach and strong academic achievements, results in our ability to confidently steer pupils towards the senior school of their choice.

How much discount on fees does a scholarship beneficiary typically receive?

Scholarships typically offer a minimum discount of 25% and are calculated according to the individual needs of the applicant. Bursaries are also available. These are means tested and can be applied for separately, or alongside a scholarship.

Is the scholarship discount applied for my child’s complete duration at the school, or for the year of entry only?

The scholarship discount is applied to a pupil’s fees for the total duration of their educational journey at Rydes Hill.

What do you look for in an applicant?

We typically offer our scholarships to all-round achieving girls who would benefit from a broad and well rounded education. An applicant should demonstrate a universal ability across a breadth of subjects including academic (English, maths and science) and non-academic (sport, music and drama). We will also consider candidates that demonstrate an exceptional ability in one subject area.

Who can apply? Is there eligibility criteria?

Our scholarships are not means tested. They are open to all external pupils entering year 3.

What is the process of scholarship application?

We normally invite applicants to visit Rydes Hill for an initial meeting and School tour with our Headmistress, Mrs Norville. This offers parents the opportunity to see the School on a normal day and ask questions in a relaxed environment. This is followed by the completion of an application form. At this point, we will also request a non-refundable registration fee. Your child will then be invited to participate in a school day at Rydes Hill where we will assess whether there is a good fit between your child and the School – a decision will be communicated shortly after. Successful candidates are invited to a ‘moving on’ afternoon towards the end of the summer term so they can meet their new teachers and peers prior to joining us in September.

If you wish to register interest in our Scholarship Scheme for September 2025 simply fill in the short form at the bottom of this page.

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