Rydes Hill Reviews

Our Parents have coined the phrase 'Small but Mighty' to describe our School, but what do other people say about us?

The Good Schools Guide

We are incredibly proud to be included in the Good Schools Guide for the first time in 2021. There are 30,000+ schools in the country and only 1,300 schools that are invited to join The Good Schools Guide – you are invited in on merit and you cannot pay to be included. Below is a taster of what they had to say about Rydes Hill, along with the full review.

"Children are ‘educated rather than minded’ at the ‘busting at the seams’ nursery which offers flexible year-round care. Focus is on becoming reception ready. Half have strong reading and writing skills by the time they move up"
"Each child enjoys an almost bespoke education"
"Families chose Rydes Hill because it’s ‘not ferociously academic’. One said, ‘There is a focus on a broader skill set than purely academics, valuing courage, communication and resilience and encouraging the children to take on any task without fear of failure."
"Kindness is valued here above all else and modelled from top down."


Muddy Stilettos

Along with Muddy Surrey there are 24 Muddy counties, all with a focus on the quirky, unique, cool and interesting; so no advertorial, no PR guff and a genuine, upbeat honesty. Muddy Stilettos is an indispensable local guide, for you to see what an amazing and creative county we live in. Amber the editor for Muddy Surrey came to visit Rydes Hill, below are a few things she had to say about us, along with the full review.

"A small close-knit school teaching strong traditional values centered around kindness alongside a broad curriculum."
"First impressions are of a school that’s brimming with warmth and happiness."
"Children are well rounded and attain excellent academic results."

Muddy Stilettos full review