Senior Schools Results

Moving on from Rydes Hill

As a non-selective school, we are incredibly proud of the achievements of our Form One girls who are offered places at prestigious senior schools such as Farnborough Hill, Guildford High School, Prior’s Field, St Catherine’s, St George’s, St Mary’s Ascot, St Teresa’s, Tormead and Worth. A high percentage of our girls obtain scholarships, not just academic but also in drama, music, sport and creative writing. Our 23 school leavers this year were awarded a total of 16 scholarships which is an incredible achievement.

The chart below shows the senior school destinations for our 2019 and 2020 leavers:

The chart below captures scholarships awarded to our class of 23 school leavers in 2020:

1Farnborough HillMusic Scholarship
2Guildford High SchoolAcademic - Exhibition Scholarship
3Prior's FieldAcademic Scholarship
4Prior's FieldAcademic Scholarship
5Prior's FieldMaths Scholarship
6Prior's FieldSport Scholarship
7Prior's FieldCreative Writing Scholarship
8Prior's FieldCreative Writing Scholarship
9Prior's FieldDrama Scholarship
10St Teresa'sAcademic Scholarship
11St Teresa'sMusic Scholarship
12St Teresa'sSport Scholarship
13St Teresa'sDrama Scholarship
14TormeadAcademic Scholarship
15TormeadSport Scholarship
16TormeadMusic Scholarship

The chart below captures scholarships awarded to our class of 20 school leavers in 2019:

Senior School

Scholarship Awarded

1Farnborough HillArt Scholarship
2Farnborough HillArt Scholarship
3Guildford High SchoolAcademic Scholarship
4Prior's FieldAcademic Scholarship
5St Catherine'sAcademic Scholarship
6TormeadSports Scholarship
7TormeadAcademic Scholarship
8TormeadAcademic Scholarship
9TormeadArt Scholarship
10TormeadMajor Academic Scholarship