Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers

At Rydes Hill, we are delighted to provide specialist teaching in Music, PE, Science, French, IT and Forest School. Our specialist teachers compliment the instruction of our form teachers and bring numerous benefits to the educational experience of our children, ultimately helping to solidify our pupils love for learning.

Our specialist teachers offer our pupils numerous benefits, some of which are listed below.


Our specialist teacher’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in their respective subjects allows for the delivery of first-class teaching which provides pupils with an enhanced understanding of these subjects.

Enhanced learning opportunities:

The variety offered to our pupils via specialist teaching provide additional learning experiences and opportunities that go beyond the core subjects taught by our excellent form teachers. Their specialisms help to broaden our pupils' horizons by facilitating their discovery of new interests. Additionally, our form and specialist teachers frequently collaborate, creating cross-curricular learning possibilities that present a whole range of additional benefits.

Improved skill development:

Our specialist teachers focus on developing skills that are specific to their subject areas, contributing to the holistic development and education of our pupils. Furthermore, they are easily able to identify a pupil’s additional skills or needs in their specialist area and can offer supplementary coaching, encouragement and support where appropriate.

Overall, our specialist teachers work to build on the exceptional work of our form teachers by offering an additional dimension to our teaching framework and supplementing our pupils' intellectual, physical and creative development.