Music at Rydes Hill

Music and the performing arts are a vibrant and vital part of life at Rydes Hill.

Within our thriving music department the children are encouraged to discover their musical potential and realise their natural talents. We aim to foster children’s enjoyment and understanding of music from a young age with all pupils in Pre-Prep and above, given the opportunity to learn the violin, a wind and a brass instrument.

The main aim is to foster children's enjoyment and understanding of music through practical application and active involvement in a wide range of musical activities, both in and out of class lesson time. The music, drama and ballet departments work closely together to encourage a high standard of performance throughout the year.

Class Music Lessons

During class music lessons children learn to develop their vocal and instrumental skills, to improvise and compose and become familiar with a wide range of music, past and present. Mrs Flude, the Director of Music, teaches all children at Rydes Hill, from Nursery through to Form One (Year 6).

Each class receives two forty minute music lessons per week, held in the spacious and well-equipped Music Room in the fabulous Performing Arts Centre, more commonly referred to as The Lodge. Music lessons are linked to other areas of the curriculum that are being covered in class.

Viva Violins Scheme

In Upper Transition (year 2) every child has the opportunity to learn the violin as part of the music curriculum. The ‘Viva Violins’ scheme is taught by our specialist violin teacher, Mr Wilson, and all tuition is free for the entire academic year.

Wind and Brass Scheme

Following on from their 'Viva Violins' experience, the girls in Lower Preparatory (Year 3) have the chance to try out a selection of wind and brass instruments. Everyone learns the clarinet, flute and cornet for half a term. Instruments and music are provided at a small rental cost and but parents are asked to pay a nominal fee of £37 per term to cover tuition costs.

Individual Tuition

Pupils from Upper Transition to Form One have the opportunity to receive weekly individual music lessons on a variety of instruments and voice (from Lower Preparatory). We are exceptionally lucky at Rydes Hill in having an outstanding team of visiting peripatetic music teachers. Their aim is to inspire and encourage the children to reach their full musical potential.

Tuition is currently available on flute, clarinet, saxophone, cornet, trumpet, violin, cello, guitar, recorder, singing and piano.

Extra-curricular Activities

The Senior Choir is open to girls from Middle Preparatory to Form One. As well as performing on numerous school occasions, the Senior Choir often takes part in local music festivals and competitions and we enjoy taking the girls to sing at events in the community.

Junior Choir is open to girls in Upper Transition and Lower Preparatory and performs at many school events, including the Carol Service and Founder’s Day concert.

The Rydes Hill Orchestra consists of pupils from Lower Preparatory to Form One. The orchestra performs on a regular basis at Mass and at the annual Founder’s Day concert.

Smaller groups like wind, recorder an string ensembles along with the flute group are opened up to pupils at various times of the year to encourage fun and enjoyment in playing together as a unit.

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