Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Consistently awarded the top rated ‘excellent’ by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI), we pride ourselves on the breadth of education offered at Rydes Hill and the astonishing array of academic, sporting, performing arts and art scholarships achieved by our leavers. Whilst we offer strong academic credentials, we aim to educate ‘the whole child’ with our robust and all-round curriculum. Most importantly, we recognise that happiness and well-being are the cornerstone of academic success, and we endeavour to ensure that each child is given the confidence to believe in themselves and develop as an individual to follow their own unique path.

At Rydes Hill, we strive to create a stimulating learning environment where each child can thrive and develop at their own pace. Through small class sizes, a broad and dynamic curriculum and high academic standards we seek to develop confidence, emotional resilience and intellectual curiosity in every child.

To prepare our children for a rapidly changing world, with the benefits and challenges of the Forth Industrial Revolution, we integrate the 5 C’s; Creativity, Courage, Curiosity, Collaboration and Communication into all aspects of our children’s learning journey. Our rich and varied curriculum aims to promote a balanced outlook, encourage team spirit and develop a life-long love of learning. Each day is varied and stimulating with the form teachers working in close harmony with our specialist teachers. We work to understand and embrace the individual strengths and character of each child to ensure that they are challenged and supported, opening the door to their potential and preparing them for their next move to the senior school of their choice.

“Pupils develop very strong self-confidence throughout their time in the school. They report that they gain the self-belief to speak out in public and express their opinions, secure in the knowledge that their views will be respected by others.”

ISI Inspection 2017