Our chicks have hatched!

| Upper Trans

There was a buzz of excitement in Upper Trans when they took delivery of ten perfectly formed eggs from 'Living Eggs' on Monday morning. By Thursday we are thrilled to announce that all ten chicks hatched and were thriving in their warm incubator within hours. The children were absolutely mesmerised to see the chicks enter the world before their eyes and take their first tentative few steps. They were excited to note the boys with the lighter feathers and the girls with the browner feathers.

All the children handled the chicks with great care and were attentive to their every need. They were even allowed to stretch their legs and have a play on the outdoor lawns. The chicks quickly became resident celebrities with every class popping by to see them. We will be bidding farewell to our newborns very soon as 'Living Eggs' will come by to take them to their next home, a wonderful small-holding farm in Godstone with acres of land to roam free.