The Rydes Hill Family copy

“As soon as I walked into Rydes Hill, I knew my child would be loved and cared for and I have never looked back”FORMER PARENT

If you ask anyone currently at the School, be that a child, parent or member of staff, they will often talk about the Rydes Hill Family. The ethos and values that permeate our School contribute hugely to that ‘feeling’ and shared sense of community.

Our Prep girls show a great deal of love and care towards their younger peers and it is wonderful so see children of all ages, beliefs and nationalities bond in the classroom, playground and beyond.

We are extremely proud of our close-knit community and the enduring bonds of friendships formed amongst our children and parents alike. When our leavers return to see us, it is heart warming to hear about the friends they have carried with them and of the affection in which they hold their Rydes Hill days.

We would love to hear news from our former pupils. Please take a moment to sign up to our Alumni list and do get in touch to share your latest news and onward path in life.