History of Rydes Hill


Rydes Hill Preparatory School was founded in 1945 by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph. In 1989 the ownership was transferred to a Charitable Trust, which was established specifically for the purpose of continuing the excellent work of the Foundation Order.

We have many much-loved traditions, most dating back to the founding of the School just after the Second World War, such as the smart and distinctive uniform items, which the children are extremely proud of. In the winter girls wear blue pinafores, corduroy berets and warm cherry red quilted jackets, and in summer they switch to checked dresses and straw boaters decked with red ribbons. On the last day of the summer term at Prize-Giving they still wear the traditional white gloves deemed suitable for young ladies in the early years of the School's foundation.

Rydes Hill School In 1951
Sister Patricia Distributing Milk At Break Time At Rydes Hill
Music Lesson in the Library
Outdoor Adventures At Rydes Hill Preparatory School
Fun And Games In The Playground